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Empowering Teacher-Shadow Collaboration


For: Educators

Understanding your student’s learning needs in your classroom setting and actively collaborating with parents and all professionals involved is paramount to the student’s success. This course will walk you through the processes and structures in place at ACS Athens so that you fully understand the support provided in school and the importance of the golden triangle. This is a self-paced asynchronous course that will prepare and answer your questions. Through this course you will:

  • Gain knowledge in ILP’s and Psychoeducational testing
  • Have a solid understanding of how to effectively collaborate with Shadow Teachers in your classroom
  • Gain tips and strategies regarding how to support students with diagnoses
  • Appreciate the level of confidentiality involved throughout the process of support
  • Understanding the framework of the Child Study Team (CST)

Course Type: Online course

Instructors: Chris Perakis

Date: This is an asynchronous course, anyone can start at any time and go at their own pace. The course expires after 12 weeks.


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