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Message from the President

Today’s reality stresses and applauds independence and critical thinking; the ability to use knowledge and skill to problem solve and innovate. A rapidly changing and global society means more options but more competition; it necessitates broader knowledge as well as specific skill sets. Ultimately today’s world requires global citizens who are able to master knowledge and use it effectively as well as ethically, towards a sustainable future; to improve living and life on the planet.

The ACS Athens Institute was established as a generator of innovative programs, creative teaching practices, and new knowledge that will enrich school programs, stimulate the intellectual development of students, staff, and community, and provide a bridge between ACS Athens and the world of ideas and practice outside ACS Athens..

To date, the Institute has cultivated a range of programs and has developed articulation agreements and partnerships with a number of USA universities and colleges to promote bringing US university courses to the ACS Athens campus. The Summer Leadership Institute was recognized and received an award by the American Association of University Administrators (AAUA) as a model of innovative practice..

On this trajectory of excellence, the Institute is expanding with new partnerships and innovative programs and providing holistic education experiences that ultimately lead to developing conscious world citizens, creative entrepreneurs, and architects of the future.

Dr. Peggy Pelonis, President

Message from the Dean

It is with great honor to take on the role to succeed an intellectual inspiration as the late Steve Medeiros who founded the Institute. In the many ways he touched the hearts of all those that knew him, he was a principal to me during my school days at ACS Athens, as well as, a collaborator on various projects at the starting days of the Institute.

We are excited to relaunch the Institute of ACS Athens to take one step forward and extend opportunities through its Academies, built on the assets of ACS Athens. As every entrepreneur knows, when offered a white canvas to create, the potential is endless!

Unlimited possibilities is our underlying message to our students at ACS Athens, as well as, the global network of the ACS Athens Institute.

As we dive into a new and constantly evolving world where paradigm shifts become our constant reality, the Institute aims to focus its efforts on advancing student learning, while empowering the Golden Triangle: school, parents, students.

Today, we are creating our future and education is the fundamental building block to a successful journey ahead. I look forward to welcoming you to our world of unlimited possibilities!

Carla Tanas, Dean of the Institute

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