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Best Fit Note Taking Strategies for School Success (Beginners) (Ages: 14-18)

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For: High School Students (Ages: 14-18)

Having the basic knowledge of note-taking skills and strategies, you have laid the foundations of the note-taking mindset. If you have been challenged to study texts with figurative language and complicated meanings, the Cornell and Journal Notes are here to help you. This journey gives you the opportunity to get prepared for your academic studies by interpreting all types of text. This five-week course will help you gain:

  • advanced note-taking skills to correlate information
  • active listening strategies to help you stay focused
  • advanced organizational skills to interpret all types of text
  • stress relief methods in tests and exams
  • Insights into the latest online note-taking tools

Course Type: Online course

Instructor:  Ifigeneia Rodopoulos

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2 reviews for Best Fit Note Taking Strategies for School Success (Beginners) (Ages: 14-18)

  1. Alex Theodorakis

    5 weeks ago when my parents forced me to take this masterclass I was pretty upset because I would have to get up early every Saturday. Nevertheless, this class was helpful in the sense that it opened me up to some ideas that were vaguely familiar in my head such as mind mapping. I learned different strategies that can help me take better notes in different situations. It’s a good thing my parents signed me up because without it I would have not known some stuff that could potentially save me.

  2. Maggie

    My Dad basically forced me to take this course, I didn’t want to take it because it was on a Saturday but I think it was worth it because I learned some very good note taking skills and the best way to take notes. Another thing that made the course really enjoyable was Ms Rodopoulou because she is very creative and always smiling so it was enjoyable waking up early on a Saturday. I learned some really helpful tips for how to take good notes as well as how to study for tests and how to react/take on assessment questions. By the end of the course I was grateful that my Dad had pushed me to take the course because it gave me some skills that I will have for life. Overall I would recommend anyone to take the course.

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