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Adult English for Intermediate Level Learners (1)


For: Adults

This course is the first intermediate course and it focuses on developing language skills for early intermediate level students of English. Language development is combined with building improving skills transferable to everyday life and career. Students are progressively able to use the English language for social, academic and professional purposes. Vocabulary building and grammar concepts involving the application of basic grammar tenses in speaking and writing, are consolidated in combination with fiction and non-fiction reading to acquire reading skills and comprehension, as well as to develop and enhance writing skills. Emphasis is placed on the four domains of the English language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

By the end of Adult English for Intermediate Level Learners, the student will be able to use an emerging set of strategies to:

  • identify the main topic in oral presentations and simple spoken and written texts
  • retell a few key details.
  • determine a central idea or theme in oral presentations and spoken and written texts
  • retell key details
  • answer questions about key details
  • explain how the theme is developed by specific details in texts
  • summarize part of a text.

Course Type: Online course

Instructor:  Dr. Jenny Grigoropoulou

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