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How to Make It in Hollywood?


The How to Make It in Hollywood masterclass aims to reveal the secret to actually getting a job and working in Hollywood during an exclusive two-weekend experience for those interested in a career in film and entertainment – whether it is developing ideas, behind the camera or on the “big screen.”

While most that dream of making it in Hollywood spend thousands of dollars traveling to Hollywood knocking on doors to find the secrets to success, this investment in your dreams will put you on a path to getting the job you dream of so you can be more intentional (and successful) with your path to film industry success.

This masterclass will be led by Mark Wolper, President of The Wolper Organization.

Under Mark’s leadership, the Wolper Organisation has been responsible for over 500 films that have won more than 150 awards, including:

  • Two Academy Awards
  • 50 Emmy Awards
  • Seven Golden Globes Awards
  • Five Peabody Awards
  • Recognition and retrospectives from Cannes and other respected international film festivals.

Mr. Wolper and his company have been a subsidiary of Warner Bros in Hollywood for over 40 years.

Date/Time: June 15, 16, 22, 23

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