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Announcing the 2nd ACS Athens OPEN to Ignite a Growth Mindset Among Young Entrepreneurs

Mar 11, 2024 | News

The entrepreneurial journey of the year that puts students in the driver’s seat of innovation is BACK! We are excited to kick off the 2nd ACS Athens OPEN, a program that empowers our students to identify innovative solutions on campus that push the boundaries of sustainability, enhance the learning experience, and promote conscious citizenship.
ACS Athens OPEN is more than just an idea – it’s a movement that’s all about inspiring and supporting Middle School and Academy students in grades 7-10 who are passionate about making a difference. With the right tools and mentorship, they’ll have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life, and even turn them into potential startups!

All our students who are up for the challenge are invited to apply before the April 2nd deadline. Plus, up to ten finalists will be selected with the chance to receive up to €2000 investment in their innovative solutions.

“ACS Athens OPEN introduces students to the value of a growth mindset, providing a careful process of transformation through designed sessions with experts and mentors that help students transform, both themselves and their ideas,” explained Carla Tanas, Dean of the Institute of ACS Athens. “ACS Athens OPEN helps them establish and strengthen their mindset throughout the year-long transformation that sees their ideas blossom into more tangible concepts, as well as their confidence as individuals.”
Throughout the course of the year, the selected participants will experience various aspects of the natural entrepreneurial process – from ideation to setbacks, evolution of team dynamics to onboarding new team members, from pivoting to other ideas or even realizing that entrepreneurship may not be the right fit.
The remarkable achievements of the participants of the first cohort of ACS Athens OPEN best show the transformational power of the entrepreneurial path.

Meet the Young Entrepreneurs from First Cohort!

Gloria Kurantowicz

Gloria, a sixth-grader, embarked on a mission to connect her peers with the food chain. Gloria’s journey taught her the importance of adaptability and the value of public speaking skills gained through the process.

Gloria’s Takeaway: “Innovation takes time. It’s not just about the idea; it’s about patience, curiosity, and adaptability to see your idea through.”
Learn more about Gloria’s project here.

Vasileia Lalaki

Tenth-grader Vasileia recognized the need for social connectedness among young people and sought to create a platform to bring students together. Vasileia’s experience highlights how flexibility can transform ideas into successful ventures.
Vasileia’s Advice: “If you are passionate about something and are willing to put in the effort, do it—DON’T doubt yourself. Your idea does not have to be perfect; the program will help you refine it.”
Learn more about Vasileia’s project here.

Fotini Vonatsou and Qianhao Wang

This tenth-grade duo tackled the complexities of recycling, initially considering a fully automated system. Their shared vision and teamwork propelled them through the concept phase, and they’re now transitioning to the prototype phase.
Fotini and Qianhao’s Tips for Teams: “Having a shared vision is the secret to our success. It is challenging, but that’s why we work well together.”
Learn more about Fotini’s and Qianhao’s project here.

Katerina Logan, Apostolos Tsekouras and Dimitrios Manioudakis

Katerina and Apostolos joined the concept identified by Dimitrios, a former ACS Athens student, to create a youth-centric news site and learned a unique aspect of business – seeing a concept objectively to help refine and improve it.
Katerina and Apostolos’ Message: “Learning about entrepreneurship is an important educational experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn it with such great support.”
Learn more about their project here.

Denis Romain. & Bassam Boualwan

Denis and Bassam are developing a gamification-driven solution to encourage active school participation among high school students by transforming the learning experience into a rewarding journey.
Denis and Bassam’s Encouragement: “If you have an idea you believe in, that is a good way to start.The program, the process, even the mentors – who give you genuine, transparent feedback – help you grow. It is the closest you can get to the business world while in school.”
Learn more about Denis’ and Bassam’s project here.

Now’s the chance to join the ranks of these ACS Athens entrepreneurs.

Submit your idea before April 2nd, and let the entrepreneurial adventure begin!

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