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ACS Athens Duo Seek to Make Recycling Easier and Engaging

Mar 8, 2024 | News

Recycling, often hailed as a simple act to contribute to environmental well-being, is not always as straightforward as it seems.

Does that shiny candy wrapper belong with paper or cans?

Notebook paper goes into the paper bin, but what about the used paper napkin?

The intricacies of separating materials create a perplexing maze that can leave even the most well-intentioned individuals hesitating at the recycling bin. In fact, the fear of making the wrong choice leads many to opt for the simpler route of tossing items into general waste, unwittingly contributing to the mounting landfill crisis.

Tenth-grade innovators Fotini Vonatsou and Qianhao Wang have set out to tackle this problem head-on. Their ACS Athens OPEN brainchild, a smart recycling system, aims not only to streamline the recycling process but to empower individuals with an educational experience that transforms confusion into clarity.

Even before the program kicked off, this dynamic duo made a pact to support each other, promising that whoever’s idea got selected, they would bring the other as a team member to benefit from the entrepreneurial journey together. This pact has proven to be a key factor in their success. Working together provides Fotini and Qianhao with a competitive advantage. Not only can they divide the workload efficiently, but their collaboration allows for a continuous exchange of ideas, propelling their concept forward.

“Having a shared vision is the secret to our success,” explains Qianhao.

“The fact that we both envision something together in this abstract phase is important,” Fotini finishes the thought. “It is challenging but that’s why we work well together.”

Fotini and Qianhao are now transitioning from the concept phase to the creation phase, eager to bring their prototype to life. The smart recycling system they envision is a blend of automation and manual input, aiming not only to enhance the recycling process but also to instill an educational experience for students. As they consider various components and potential gamification elements, their focus is on creating an engaging and impactful solution.

Reflecting on their journey, Fotini and Qianhao share valuable guidance for students gearing up for the upcoming ACS Athens OPEN. The duo encourages aspiring entrepreneurs not to limit themselves, urging students to submit ideas that could enhance the school, educational environment, or campus life. The ACS Athens OPEN, they stress, provides a safe space to explore entrepreneurship without the fear of financial loss, fostering an environment where ideas can flourish.

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