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ACS Athens OPEN Mentor Session – Building a Team for Success

Mar 15, 2024 | News

On March 6th, Mr. Rayan Jreije, Chief Information Officer of Workpacks and founder of Laziner joined ACS Athens OPEN participants to empower them at this critical part of their journey as they consider how to position themselves and their idea for growth.

“Every team is trying to achieve something,” he started. “Why are you doing this?”

Mr. Jreije encouraged students to know their “why” because that is the spark that will drive them and the foundation on which they’ll build their next steps.

He shared his story to help the students understand why knowing and listening to your why is important, sharing that the inner feeling will drive you through the most difficult parts of your entrepreneurial journey.

“There is one key to success,” he underscored seriously, then breaking into a smile. “Fun. If you are not having fun, it will be difficult to make it. Don’t push yourself into something you are not passionate about.”

Once you know the driver behind the idea, Mr. Jreije advised the participants on how to build their idea into a business, first discussing the idea of bringing on a co-founder, building a team and determining what to delegate or outsource.

Why should you bring on a co-founder?

Not for money. Not a shared dream. Certainly not for convenience.

Bring a co-founder only if they have chemistry and they bring something that complements your strengths.

Know these three things when building a team.

When choosing a team, select them first for their character and then for their talent.

When it comes to talent, remember that not everybody needs to be good at everything.

Find individuals whose individual strength empowers collective success.

What to do and what to outsource?

Don’t delegate your talent, passion or core competency. Instead, delegate the things that need to be done but don’t define your business or your idea.
After an engaged Q&A session with the students, Mr. Jreije offered a vivid metaphor to remind students about what makes a team succeed.

“A strong team is rowing with the same rhythm and steering in the same direction.”

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