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The Entrepreneurial Journey is Back!


Empowering ACS Athens through Innovation and Creativity

ACS ATHENS OPEN aims to advance the learning environment by empowering students to think, create and realize innovative solutions. Designed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset, ACS ATHENS OPEN will guide youth-led ideas, with the support of mentors, through a process to transform ideas into potential startups.

“Think Global, Act Local”



We are specifically looking for ideas that…

Increase campus sustainability


Enhance the learning experience and environment

Advance our conscious citizenship *


Inspiration for thought starters…

Automatic room light controllers

to adjust light colors and brightness across the classroom

A nutrition and food calculator

to help you monitor your meals at school

Automatic irrigation system

for watering the school plants

Fashion wearables

that detect your happiness mood


* A conscious citizen is one who values human life, the relationship with all living things, connecting with a higher purpose, and takes responsibility for transforming skill into action through ethical decision-making to improve life and living on the planet.

Why join

Utilize strategies to transform ideas into startups.

Work with experts and mentors to guide you

Showcase your solution to universities and companies.

Secure investments to grow your idea.


February 20 - April 2

Open Call for Ideas

April 23

Finalists Announced (up to 10 ideas will be selected)

May 24 & May 25

Innovation Bootcamp


Pitching Event *

September 2024 onwards

Incubation of New Ideas

* date(s) to be confirmed

Who can participate?

Any and all ACS Athens students currently in grades 7-10 with a mindset to turn a problem into an opportunity are encouraged to apply. It isn’t about what grades a student gets in class; this is about empowering students passionate about solving a problem and being committed to seeing their idea through with the right tool and mentorship.

Do you need to be tech-savvy to apply?
No, any ACS Athens student currently in grades 7 – 10 can apply.

Can I apply with a friend?
You can apply alone, with a friend, or with a team. We suggest finding a team with members that have different skills to you help your solution come together.

How will the teams be selected?
The selection process will begin with identifying the most innovative and sustainable ideas. The teams selected will then be reviewed by administrators, counselors, and teachers to identify the applicant(s) academic achievements, self-discipline and commitment values.


Click here to apply.

Submissions will be accepted starting February 20th, 2024 through April 2nd, 2024.

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