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Social Impact? The ACS Athens AWS Club is Developing an App for That

Nov 30, 2023 | News

At any moment on the ACS Athens campus, hundreds of different apps are being used by students, faculty and staff to facilitate everyday communications, transactions and more. Rather than mere users of digital applications, one group of middle school students, the AWS Club at ACS Athens, has joined forces in the supportive environment of the Innovation Lab to use their digital powers for good.

Although inspired by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the company’s mission to inspire students to solve problems using coding and cloud technology, the AWS Club isn’t just about technology; it’s a platform where students become architects of change. This dynamic club, fueled by a collective goal, is gearing up to participate in the AWS GetIT, an educational program and competition designed to inspire and empower 12-14-year-old students to gain digital skills and consider a career in technology by learning how to use tech and the cloud to solve real-world problems.

As a united team, the AWS Club has set its sights on a cause that goes beyond the confines of their campus, utilizing their opportunity to help address one of the country’s biggest challenges – the needs of refugees and immigrants arriving in Greece. Their project is more than an entry for a contest; it’s a commitment to finding solutions for a significant, unsolved problem by helping refugees find opportunities as they navigate this life-changing transition in a new environment. The aim is to contribute, albeit in a small way, to improving the lives of those fleeing their homelands in search of safety, home, work, and education.
The project is not just about technology; it’s a manifestation of empathy and understanding. With AI at its core, the application will offer recommendations and suggestions based on user data, delving into the realm of Machine Learning. Conscious Citizenship (CC) is woven into the fabric of the project, as students work from a place of empathy, putting themselves in the shoes of refugees and immigrants, striving to comprehend their nuanced needs so that they can design an app that serves them.

Andreas Nikolopoulos, guiding the AWS Club, witnesses firsthand the growth of his students. By empathizing with the struggles of refugees and immigrants, the students cultivate a considerate heart. Considering the needs of refugees, they tirelessly work to devise optimal solutions, ensuring their application not only meets contest criteria but makes a meaningful impact on the lives it aims to improve.

“In life’s classroom, students gain empathy through their experiences. With a considerate heart, they learn and grow, cultivating a richer understanding,” he underscores.

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