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A New Destination for Innovation and Creativity

Jan 10, 2023 | News

Coming soon, the Innovation Lab will be a place for students to create, innovate and employ their imaginations.

Project-based learning is at the heart of this experience where creativity, consciousness and technology intersect and where students are empowered to transform curiosity into action, and action into solutions.

From insightful research to solution-oriented products, from innovative services to engineered prototypes, the Innovation Lab will serve as the practical playground where students can bring their imagination to life in a safe, supportive environment, guided by experts – both in the field of Education and Entrepreneurship, as well as experts we partner with to bring today’s cutting edge to tomorrow’s leaders.

We expect the Innovation Lab to serve as a hub for Artificial Intelligence and Conscious Citizenship development for our students, as well as for those in the surrounding community since we hope to eventually welcome other students, even scaling the approach for other institutions to implement worldwide.

The physical space of the Innovation Lab will offer students a welcoming space to make and create, but perhaps even more important than the space are the experts that will empower students’ ideas from concept to actualization.

In advance of the Innovation Lab’s official introduction, we are calling to our community to volunteer as experts. Whether you are a master in machine learning or of DIY, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality implementation, or any other talent your expertise is invaluable for the next generation of doers.

Click HERE to express interest in volunteering as an expert!

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