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RoboMania Sparks a Passion for Robotics at ACS Athens

Dec 11, 2023 | News

A new spark of technological creativity has been ignited in the Innovation Lab at ACS Athens through the RoboMania club. This pioneering venture, offered for the first time to Middle School students, aims to immerse young minds in the captivating world of robotics and programming.

The inaugural RoboMania club, a diverse group of students spanning from 6th to 8th grade, gathers weekly, driven by a shared goal: to explore the boundless realms of creativity and problem-solving that technology can unlock. In the spirit of collaboration, their roles are currently fluid, with all members contributing ideas as they collectively embark on the exciting journey of creating robots.
Already, the RoboMania club has kicked off a thrilling project – creating a robot designed to conquer a series of tasks in the open sea.The challenge involves coding, building robots, and presenting their work, showcasing the students’ ability to multitask and apply multi-step problem-solving.

Their mission is not just a creative endeavor but a preparation for the WRO Hellas national qualifying event. The competition topics are announced in March each year, while the National Final of the WRO Educational Robotics Olympiad is held every July. The winning teams qualify to participate in the World Robot Olympiad, which will be hosted in Turkey next year.
The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is an extremely important, global event for science, technology and education bringing together young people from around the world to help them develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by engaging in challenging and creative educational robotics challenges. Teams from schools in Greece have paved a successful tradition at the international level securing multiple medals at the competition in Panama, and the Robomania club looks forward to joining that tradition.

The RoboMania club meets weekly with unwavering passion. Their journey involves not just learning about robotics but also delving into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Programming their robots requires predicting behaviors based on specific commands, exposing them to the intricacies of AI.

Regular meetings are foundational for the group’s creativity, growth, and collaboration. The students, through lively discussions, learn to voice their opinions, justify them, and prove their points – a vital skill in both technology and life. The RoboMania experience goes beyond robotics; it’s a transformative journey where young minds learn to collaborate, think critically, and lay the foundation for a bright future.

As the RoboManias continue to navigate the seas of innovation, Andreas Nikolopoulos, Middle School Technology Faculty and staff advisor to the group captures the essence: “The world of robotics is a learning experience that has the power to help students grow, learn and become the ones who can shape a bright future. Through innovation, we solve problems that affect life, giving access to progress and unlimited possibilities.

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