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Growth Mindset for Parents (Parents of ages 4-11)


For: Parents of ages 4-11

Do you want your child to have a Growth Mindset? Studies have shown that growth mindset has a positive effect on student motivation as well as academic performance.

A growth mindset is a concept developed by psychologist Carol Dweck, which refers to the belief that one’s abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed and improved over time through dedication, hard work, learning, and perseverance. Individuals with a growth mindset see challenges and setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth, rather than as indications of their fixed abilities.
In this course, parents will learn best practices to support their children in developing this learning belief. We will cover:

  • Why the language we use to our kids is so important
  • The difference between praise and encouragement
  • Neuroplasticity and the science behind growth mindset
  • How to teach your child affirmations as well as perseverance & grit
  • The Power of Mistakes
  • Role of emotions in learning
  • The power of creating goals

If you’re a perfectly imperfect parent, like me – you’re in the right place! Having the courage to be imperfect is our greatest opportunity to teach our children.
Helping your child develop a Growth Mindset begins with YOU! Don’t wait for it to be perfect – it never is. Just get started!

Course Type: Face 2 face

Instructor:  Vicki Klimou

Meeting Days/Times:
Saturday, May 18th @ 10am – 4pm

* Time indicated is based on Athens, Greece time zone.

**Informational Session**
A free informational session for anyone who would like to gain brief insights into the methods of Growth Mindset and discover how this masterclass can benefit you will be available on Friday, May 10, 2024 @ 16.00 – 17.00. If interested please contact

* For those registering with a plus one for this session are eligible for the couple discount, or if you are a faculty or staff member, please contact us at

Deadline to Register: Wednesday, May 15th, 2024

Registration closed

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