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Why the Institute of ACS Athens

Mar 6, 2023 | News

By Peggy Pelonis, EdD – President of ACS Athens

The Institute of ACS Athens plays an important role in supporting the student learning experience by enhancing classroom learning via a variety of insightful programs and partnerships. The Institute also serves to extend our approach to education and Conscious Citizenship (CC) beyond the classroom into the community.

Our ACS Athens vision is to empower individuals to become architects of their own learning to thrive as conscious global citizens and improve life and living on the planet; such empowerment includes students, faculty, and staff, who are encouraged to thrive within their area. By serving as a bridge between the school, the community, and organizations like businesses, universities, and NGO’s, we are able to bring forward important insights, trends, and areas of interest that will help us stay ahead of the curve as we prepare our students. It also allows us to learn from and share our best practices and insights.

The current and potential impact of Artificial Intelligence on humanity demands an intersection with Conscious Citizenship and is one very timely example of how the Institute supports the upcoming trend by assisting in the understanding of AI and CC. Well before today’s headlines inspired by ChatGPT, Bard and Bing’s chatbot, via the Institute, we provided a framework (2021) to support ACS Athens faculty, administration, and staff, to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Conscious Citizenship (AICC) into the curriculum, allowing ACS Athens students to have a head start in being prepared to utilize, navigate and even innovate, using AI, while also managing for the challenges.

The Institute of ACS Athens is also securely anchored to bring the ACS Athens mindset to a broader audience who can benefit from it in relevant and needed ways, such as, through Masterclasses available to adults or students from other schools, other countries, or continents.

I invite you to explore the Institute’s programs and offerings and to cross the bridge to our learning experience. Everyone is welcome here!

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