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Artificial Intelligence

ACS Athens believes that understanding and becoming literate in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an integral part of our students’ education. In order to keep up with today’s fast-paced technologically developing world, we need to equip our students with the tools to better understand the possible trajectory of the different fields of interest in relation to AI. Our goal as an institution is to broaden students’ horizons by providing them with a holistic understanding of Artificial Intelligence in order to develop well-prepared adults who are fully capable of not only being the up-and-coming innovators of our world but also possessing an ethically conscious awareness in relation to technology and its effects on society.
Starting back in January 2020, the Institute of ACS Athens developed a task force driven by faculty and staff members who as a team worked hard in creating a new framework that would ultimately implement new strategies and ways of thinking aimed at smoothly synergizing AI into the school’s already existing curriculum resulting in a much more enriched curriculum better suited at preparing students for the world we live in.

As of present, the Institute of ACS Athens continues to grow our Artificial Intelligence strategic plan by providing continual professional development processes for our faculty & staff members who are directly responsible for educating our students. However, our strategic plan also aims at providing educational opportunities to our parents and the community as a whole. The Institute at ACS Athens is working on developing new learning initiatives by collaborating with outside organizations, as well as experts in different fields in order to organize developmental programs, expert talks, and workshops that will be accessible for everyone who is interested. Some additional growth projects that we have planned include the introduction of an Innovation Lab for ACS Athens that will include STEAM, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, which will allow for further hands-on learning, experimenting, and exploring.

We invite you to explore and navigate through The Institute site and we assure you that over the next few months and into the new academic year The Institute aims to grow its Artificial Intelligence objective full force by providing more content and a broad variety of personal development options for its community.


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