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CanSats in Europe serves as an initiative under the umbrella of the European Space Agency (ESA). This program also lends its support to national CanSat events in partnership with local organizations. These collaborative efforts aim to enhance the backing for CanSat endeavors across Europe.

A CanSat represents a simulated version of an actual satellite, ingeniously contained within the dimensions and form factor of a typical beverage can. The primary challenge posed to students involves the condensation of all key satellite subsystems—such as power, sensors, and communication systems—into this exceptionally limited space. Subsequently, the CanSat is either propelled to an elevation of several hundred meters via a rocket, or it is released from a platform or tethered balloon. Once deployed, the CanSat embarks on its mission: conducting a scientific experiment and achieving a secure descent and landing using a recovery system like a parachute.

Participating in CanSat projects furnishes students with a distinctive opportunity to gain hands-on exposure to genuine space undertakings. They bear responsibility for the entire spectrum of tasks, encompassing CanSat design, mission selection, component integration, testing, launch preparations, and subsequent data analysis.

Join the ACS Athens CanSat Team to be a part of this thrilling journey, where you’ll have the chance to contribute to innovative space projects and develop practical skills in a real-world setting.


Students will:

  • Gain hands-on experience in satellite design, electronics, programming, data analysis, and project management;
  • Have the opportunity to develop problem-solving, teamwork, and presentation skills;
  • Participants also receive exposure to the aerospace industry and space-related career opportunities

Prerequisites to join:

  • Current ACS High School Student;
  • Teams of 2-8 students;
  • Aspiring Innovators, Entrepreneurs, STEM scientists, Space advocates;
  • Must attend weekly team meetings (excluding school holidays); Up to 5 absences allowed;
  • Parental Consent and Release Form signed.

Meetup Dates: Thursdays / 4 – 5.30 pm

  • Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
  • Mar 7, 14, 21
  • Apr 4, 11, 18, 25

About the Coach:
I’m Thymianos Aristotelis, and I’m excited to lead our team into the world of the CanSat in Greece competition. With a background in physics and a strong affinity for STEAM-focused projects, I’m driven by curiosity and innovation. My interests in DIY creations and expertise in 3D printing add a hands-on dimension to our endeavors.
As we venture into the realm of CanSat, I’m dedicated to nurturing our team’s collaborative spirit and technical skills. Let’s explore the skies together, aiming for nothing less than excellence and the thrill of achievement.

Fee: 50€

To join the team contact: theinstitute@acs.gr


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