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Lancers Racing Team Introduces F1 in Schools at ACS Athens

Dec 8, 2023 | News

In the crowded world of middle school extracurriculars, the Lancers Racing Team zooms out of the pack as a unique way to engage students, foster collaboration and inspire innovation in a way that exemplifies the spirit of the Innovation Lab. The six-member team of 8th-grade students is rallying in the F1 in Schools competition, where they are not just designing miniature Formula 1 cars but also learning many valuable lessons along the way.

Driven by a shared passion for engineering and racing, the Lancers Racing Team is a blend of diverse talents. Each member holds a distinct role vital to the team’s success. From overseeing manufacturing engineering to managing simulations and optimizing industrial processes, and ultimately 3D-printing their car, every team member contributes to the intricate web of responsibilities. The fusion of functional skills in mechanical design, manufacturing, and marketing, along with the use of soft skills, like effective communication, conflict resolution, and resource management, forms the backbone of their innovative journey. Moreover, the club instills organizational skills as students become more structured in their tasks. The collaborative nature of their work fosters a sense of teamwork and orderliness, ensuring efficient task completion.

Currently working on their initial submission, the team is exploring areas like aerodynamics and wheel design, drafts sketches of the F1 car design, and navigating the nuances of technical regulations.

The opportunity that F1 in Schools Club is empowering students to build their own muscle in utilizing resources creatively that will benefit them for years to come. For example, one student took the initiative to seek a corporate sponsorship for the team’s F1 car. This student’s foray into sponsorship marketing reflects not only personal growth but also a commitment to promote the team’s work effectively.

As the Lancers Racing Team rally to create their F1 creations, they embody a perfect blend of engineering precision, innovative design, and effective project management, setting the stage for a thrilling journey in the F1 in Schools competition.

“Start your engines, Lancers Racing Team! As you gear up for the F1 in Schools competition, remember that every innovation, every design tweak, and every lap around the track brings you one step closer to victory,” coach Aristotelis Thymianos reminds the team. “Embrace the spirit of competition, push the boundaries of speed and precision, and let your passion for STEM drive you to success. The checkered flag awaits, and we believe in your ability to cross the finish line as champions!”

Join us in cheering them on at the finish line!

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