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Cultural Diversity Celebration on Metaverse.

Protecting the diversity of cultural expressions is more important than ever. The unfolding crisis risks deepening inequalities and rendering communities vulnerable. Every year on the 21st of May, the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development celebrates not only the richness of the world’s cultures but also the essential role of intercultural dialogue in achieving peace and sustainable development.

As part of this celebration, ACS Athens, The Institute of ACS Athens, and the Hisar School in Turkey have partnered to create the Cultural Diversity Celebration on Metaverse project, which will take place on Monday, May 23rd from 14.00 – 15.30. This collaboration was sparked by the idea to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnerships for Goals. The world is more interconnected than ever. Improving access to technology and knowledge is an important way to share ideas and foster innovation.

This virtual exhibition is aimed at empowering students to learn foreign languages. We want to help students enrich their language vocabulary in their chosen foreign language(s), as well as support them to endorse a realistic cultural understanding that showcases each respective cultural mindset, national challenges, and problem-solving approaches.

The collaborative partnership between the international schools, ACS Athens in Greece and Hisar School in Turkey also provides an amazing opportunity for enriching our faculty members through an exchange of knowledge, which will give great value to our community.

This exhibition will include over 100 student projects across 8 languages, themed under the following titles:

  • French: Food and Culture
  • Chinese: Comparisons of Chinese and Greek Festivals, Cuisine, Lifestyle, and Art
  • Greek: Body Language and International Gestures
  • Greek: Good Health and Nutrition – Local Products and Recipes
  • Arabic: Good Health and Nutrition – Local Products and Recipes
  • English: Modern Wisdom in Ancient Folktales
  • English: Our Wonderful World
  • German: A Virtual Adventure Trip Through the Capital Cities of Our World
  • Spanish: Our Daily Routine
  • Spanish: Influential Women in History

Additionally, with an aim to bridge Cultural Diversity and Innovation, the idea to celebrate in a “metaverse” environment (even though in its infancy) will be able to create human connection and unprecedented access to opportunity, no matter where you are. The metaverse is the next iteration of the internet that brings a sense of place and facilities rich in human connection. This will offer a new dimension for achieving peace and sustainable development.

To make this experience enjoyable please be sure to use your headphones.

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1 review for Cultural Diversity Celebration on Metaverse.

  1. Sondheim On

    I am impressed by the Cultural Diversity Celebration on Metaverse conducted by The Institute. It is heartwarming to see such efforts being made to promote cultural exchange and promote harmony. This is a great initiative towards creating a world where everyone can coexist peacefully, irrespective of their cultural background. Such initiatives celebrate differences and pave the way for deeper understanding and respect for each other’s cultural beliefs and practices. Kudos to The Institute for organizing such a wonderful event!

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