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Earth Prize Team Seeking Passionate Mentors for Earth Prize Challenge!

Dec 5, 2023 | News

When considering solutions to address environmental sustainability, the renowned Earth Prize competition emerges as much more than a contest but as a transformative learning experience for the next generation.

“This generation of students is growing up being told that they are inheriting a world rife with problems and that it is the sole responsibility of their generation to fix it. This is a tremendous amount of burden for a society to put on its teenagers and young adults,” explains Dr. Mitchell, coaching the Earth Prize Team at ACS Athens. “By taking part in competitions, like the Earth Prize, students are empowered to develop potential solutions to global sustainability issues, and see the good things that are being done by scientists around the world. In addition to nurturing innovation and scientific reasoning, I hope to inspire students to see positivity and silver linings.”

The Earth Prize, an annual global $200,000 environmental sustainability competition that invites high school students to unleash their creativity to address pressing environmental issues. This project-based learning experience is a crucible for transformative ideas, where young minds merge science, design, engineering, finance, and entrepreneurship.

At ACS Athens, the following three high school teams were eligible to register for this year’s competition, and they have until January 31st to complete their submission, which should include components of a business plan, including a feasibility study, implementation plans and financial projections.

  • Arctic Architects – Addressing SDGs: 7 and 11
    Two 12th Grade IB students on a mission to engineer solar panels tailored for cold climates. Inspired by family members who live in cold villages that rely on traditional home heating to stay warm, their innovative approach seeks to provide efficient, sustainable energy, addressing the needs of families in challenging environments.
  • BioCouture – Addressing SDGs: 12, 6, and 14
    A 12th Grade IB Student dives into the second most polluting industry responsible for up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, fashion, with an aim to revolutionize the fashion world by designing sustainable, carbon-neutral fabrics using photosynthetic organisms like Cyanobacteria.
  • Hellenic Pure Sky – Addressing SDGs: 9, 13
    A 9th-grade student envisions an app that limits carbon emissions. The project aligns with the broader goal of sustainable development, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

These teams are currently seeking mentors from the community to assist in developing feasibility studies, implementation plans, and financial projections required for their submissions’ next phase due January 31st. All interested mentors are invited to sign up HERE.

Much like the solutions that are needed to address the climate crisis, the Earth Prize Challenge and the ACS Athens teams taking part remind us that solving the biggest challenges requires creativity, optimism and working together toward a common goal. For these Earth Prize teams, their work starts at the Innovation Lab and the sky’s the limit for their innovations.

Thank you to all the mentors who come forward to help these teams advance in the challenge!

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