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ACS Athens Small Sat Team Rockets to Second Place in CanSat Competition

May 13, 2024 | News

The ACS Athens Small Sat team, known for their dedication and innovation, soared to new heights at the recent CanSat in Greece competition in late April, securing an impressive second place out of 28 competing teams. Their remarkable achievement in the first year that ACS Athens participated was further recognized with an extra honorary award from the competition organizers.

CanSat is a prestigious competition, which serves as an initiative under the umbrella of the European Space Agency (ESA). A CanSat represents a simulated version of an actual satellite, ingeniously contained within the dimensions and form factor of a typical beverage can. The primary challenge posed to students involves the condensation of all key satellite subsystems—such as power, sensors, and communication systems—into this exceptionally limited space. Subsequently, the CanSat is either propelled to an elevation of several hundred meters via a rocket, or it is released from a platform or tethered balloon. Once deployed, the CanSat embarks on its mission: conducting a scientific experiment and achieving a secure descent and landing using a recovery system like a parachute.

Team Leader Mr. Aristotelis Thymianos expressed his elation in sharing the news with school faculty and staff, stating, “I am very excited to announce some fantastic news regarding our afterschool club’s recent participation in the CanSat in Greece competition. After months of dedication, hard work, and perseverance, I am proud to inform you that our team has achieved remarkable success, by getting Second place in the National Competition and getting an extra honorary award from the organization of the competition.”

The team, comprised of 9th to 11th graders, embarked on a challenging journey since October, designing, coding, and constructing a satellite for the competition. Despite facing numerous obstacles along the way, their determination and resilience never faltered.

During the four-day competition, the ACS Athens team was not only a standout in terms of technical prowess but also a crowd favorite, bringing positivity and enthusiasm to the event. At times, the crowd could be heard cheering them on with chants of “Small Sat! Small Sat!” Their infectious spirit added an extra dimension to the competition atmosphere.

“This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication, ingenuity, and teamwork exhibited by our students,” remarked Team Leader Mr. Thymianos. “Their ability to adapt and overcome challenges is truly inspiring and speaks volumes about their potential.”

The ACS Athens Small Sat team attributed their success to the support and guidance of the Innovation Lab, faculty members, and mentors for their presentation like Dr. Antonis Karampelas, and Ms. Victoria Poulou.

As the ACS Athens Small Sat team celebrates their remarkable achievement, they inspire future generations of space enthusiasts and reaffirm their commitment to excellence in scientific exploration.

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