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2nd ACS Athens OPEN Kicks Off with Energetic Tone for Entrepreneurial Journey

May 15, 2024 | News

The Innovation Lab at ACS Athens was abuzz with anticipation, excitement and a little nervousness on Friday, May 10th, as the Institute of ACS Athens welcomed the participants of the 2nd ACS Athens OPEN. Hosted by Dean Carla Tanas, the kickoff meeting marked the beginning of a transformative journey for these aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Oliver Lewis, Natalia Papadoglou, Constantine Kechriotis, James Tsunis and Zenon Popotas
  • Charalampos Mikropoulos and Stefanos Vranakis
  • Vassiliki Drakou
  • Amaryllis Christou, Themis Christou, and Avra Petrou
  • Maya Rashid
  • Danai Markouli
  • Yichuan Zhang and Alex Wang
  • Maya Mohanram Martinez
  • Charalampos Antypas and Stavros Antypas
  • Daphne Pergamali and Lili Dryden

The event began with a tour of the Innovation Lab, setting the stage for innovation and creativity. Dean Tanas then introduced the Institute and emphasized the essence of ACS Athens OPEN, challenging participants to reflect on their aspirations as innovators and entrepreneurs while outlining the personalized journey awaiting the participants, emphasizing key upcoming milestones and the importance of team creation and effective communication.

“We don’t care if you succeed,” she underscored. “We care if you move out of your comfort zone; starting from today, we are going to celebrate failure together.”

A group of mentors, each respected in their fields, joined the kickoff meeting to catalyze the journey with invaluable insights. They included:

  • Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters
  • Jaze Kurantowicz, Entrepreneur
  • Pierre Boueri, Managing Partner, Pierre Boueri & Partners
  • Vangelis Tsiotsios, Chief Operating Officer, Assure
  • Constantin Tzembelicos, CEO, Element Aerospace
  • George Vassilacopoulos, Professor, University of Piraeus

With the room buzzing with energy and determination, the stage is set for these budding young entrepreneurs to embark on a journey of innovation, learning, and growth.
Stay tuned for updates on their entrepreneurial adventures as they shape a brighter future through ACS Athens OPEN!.

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