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10 Student Ideas Selected to Move to the Next Phase of ACS Athens OPEN

Mar 31, 2023 | News

After a rigorous review of the 27 applications submitted, ten ideas have been selected to continue on to the next phase of the ACS Athens OPEN in the spring of 2023.

ACS Athens OPEN is an initiative focused on empowering students to take the lead in creating new solutions on campus, promoting sustainability, enhancing the learning experience, and advancing conscious citizenship.

More than a program, ACS Athens OPEN is a movement to inspire and support students who are passionate about making a difference, and we were overwhelmed with the number of high-quality submissions we received from Middle School and Academy students.

We are proud and impressed by everyone who participated, including the following students that submitted the ten ideas and will be proceeding:

  • Gloria Kurantowicz (6th grade)
  • Dimitrios Manioudakis (8th grade)
  • Apostolos Tsekouras (8th grade)
  • Aristides Bakamitsos (9th grade)
  • Vasileia Lalaki (9th grade)
  • Fotini Vonatsou (9th grade)
  • Bassam Boualwan (10th grade)
  • Denis Romain & Ribal Tabet (10th grade)
  • Peter Giamalakis & George-Michael Konstantakopoulos (11th grade)
  • E. K. and Alex Andriopoulos (11th grade)

We will next start working with these students and their ideas, providing them with the right tools and mentorship to bring their ideas to life, potentially receiving up to €2,000 in investment funding to develop prototypes.

In order to make the most of this opportunity, we are inviting mentors from our community to step up to help guide and inspire these future leaders. Please sign up using this form and be part of a movement that will shape the future.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in this exciting project!

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