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To “Think Out of the Box”, First You Must Build the Box!

Jun 13, 2023 | News

In the Spring of 2023, LEROY MERLIN collaborated with the Institute of ACS Athens to support the newly-founded Innovation Lab, a hub where students learn to turn ideas into skills and action. The product donation provided by LEROY MERLIN to the Innovation Lab enables opportunities in the community through hands-on building. Moreover, it is an opportunity to break the stereotype that innovation can only develop through advanced technology.

LEROY MERLIN’s DIY lays the foundations for active citizens, implementing circular-economy solutions for sustainable living. Especially when addressing children, LEROY MERLIN is thinking of future product designers and engineers who must be trained to understand the principles and values of sustainability so that they can take it into their own hands. Skills like “hands-on” appear today to be more relevant than ever before and are directly linked to the need to think outside the box, based on solidarity, and efficiently address today’s major challenges.

“Supporting the ACS Innovation Lab is for us a way to bring young people
into contact with the fundamental concept that LEROY MERLIN stands for, which has to
do with the Do It Yourself philosophy and the concept of making, repairing, designing
and imagining a more healthy, prosperous future,” explained Eirini Chalkiadaki, Marketing Director at LEROY MERLIN Greece & Cyprus. “We believe that DIY culture can contribute to a more sustainable future by encouraging people to think outside of the box by learning the art of repairing, renovating, and recycling, which our Company can help teach to new generations and reinforce the philosophy towards zero waste for a safer future for all.”

Sharing how the company hopes students will utilize the donation offered at LEROY MERLIN, “we are happy to help the students of ACS Athens learn how to use their creativity and imagination in combination, not only with technology but also with manual tasks that can play a very big role in their future development.”

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