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Partner Spotlight: Cosmote

Jan 20, 2023 | News

In 2021, COSMOTE joined forces with the Institute of ACS Athens to sponsor the Knowledge Series – a constantly-evolving digital career bank bridging today’s world with tomorrow’s potential careers to help young people imagine their career possibilities. Experts are even invited to serve as mentors to help continue the transformation journey – from selecting the right classes or college to internships and, ultimately, an inspired career path matched to one’s passions, interests, and strengths.

With the help of professionals and experts from a variety of careers around the world, the Knowledge Series empowers students to delve deeper into what our fast-changing world might look like in the future so they can begin thinking about their professional place in it.
COSMOTE’s support has enabled the expansion of the Knowledge Series to double the number of expert videos, including three videos that will feature career opportunities within the telecommunications giant. This co-operation also provided students with the opportunity to learn about COSMOTE’s initiatives in the “New Era of 5G Technology” through a special discussion hosted at ACS Athens last March.

“COSMOTE’s support of the Knowledge Series is an investment in the future of all young people,” explained Carla Tanas, Dean of the Institute of ACS Athens. “Many times young people do not have examples in their day-to-day lives of what they could do in the future as it is changing so rapidly. So it is important to us that the Knowledge Series, an online exploratory resource is available to all, which can help open discussions with students whether at school or at home about what different career paths may look like. Students can explore the available videos depending on their interests and strengths.”

Supporting the Knowledge Series is a natural extension of COSMOTE’s long-standing commitment to empowering young people. From scholarships to partnerships in robotics and career development initiatives, COSMOTE has long dedicated resources to create an equal society for all. In fact, COSMOTE Scholarships, its longest-running program, has supported 750 students over 20 years providing 7 million euros in scholarships.

“The future belongs to the young generation. Investing in their future means that we invest in the future of the country,” noted Chairman and CEO of the OTE Group, Michael Tsamaz. “In COSMOTE we have made a long-standing commitment to support young people’s passion for knowledge and their eagerness to explore new learning fields. Supporting the Knowledge Series is yet another step to create -through knowledge- a better world for all” he commented.

If you’d like to be considered as an expert for the Knowledge Series, please contact

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