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“Magic Annie”: Basketball Star to Sports Director

Annie Constantinides, also known as "Magic Annie," shares her inspiring story as a prominent Greek female basketball player and her diverse experiences both on and off the court. Raised in a multicultural background, she pursued her passion for sports, particularly basketball, during her studies at McGill University in Canada. With a degree in physical education and French, she excelled as a professional athlete, representing Greece in international competitions. Transitioning into sports administration, she obtained advanced degrees in exercise physiology, sports administration, and an MBA, which led her to contribute to major international sporting events. As the Director of Athletics at ACS Athens, she continues to motivate and support young athletes while embracing the dynamic landscape of the sports industry.

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Annie Constantinides

Ms. Constantinides was born in Cairo, Egypt. She earned a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education and French Language at McGill University; she received an M.A. in Exercise Physiology from the same institution, an M.Sc. in Sports Administration from Louisville University, and an MBA from the University of Indianapolis.

Ms. Constantinides is an ACS Athens Alumnus (class of ’79) and returned to ACS Athens as a Middle School Physical Education teacher in 1986. She holds the position of Athletic Director since 1998.

Ms. Constantinides was the event manager in a number of International Sports projects, such as the McDonalds Classic in Paris, the NBA Jam Tour in Greece, the NBA 3 x 3 tour in Greece. In addition, she has worked in the Sydney 2000 Olympics, was the Venue and Competition Manager for Softball in the Athens 2004 Olympics, and was the appointed Technical Delegate for Softball in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as well as the venue and sports manager for the Special Olympics that took place in Athens in July 2011. She was the Assistant Technical Delegate of the World Summer Special Olympic Games of 2015 in the sport of softball.

She was a member of the ISST Executive Board from 2006-09, a member of the International Softball Federation Executive Board from 2008-09, is presently on the Executive Board of the SCIS Conference (Sports Council of International Schools), and is the recipient of the “Women and Sport” Award by the International Olympic Committee.

Ms. Constantinides has been coaching all levels of basketball at ACS Athens for a number of years and is presently the Varsity Boys Basketball Coach.

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