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The Timeless and Contemporary Field of Architecture

Architect and associate professor Taymoore Balbaa shares his expertise on the intersection of architecture and technology, emphasizing the role of virtual reality, augmented reality, and computer-aided design in shaping the field. He highlights the importance of gaining diverse experiences in architectural offices and encourages travel to expand one's design vocabulary. Taymoore envisions a future where architects specialize in zero carbon green design and explore opportunities beyond traditional architecture. Join him on this enlightening journey to discover the timeless and innovative aspects of the architectural profession.

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Taymoore Balbaa

Taymoore Balbaa is a licensed architect in Canada (OAA) and in the European Union with the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE). His body of work includes cultural centers, residential, educational buildings, social housing, temporary structures, and projects of urban revitalization. Prior to co-founding AXIA in 2012, he worked in the offices of Menis Arquitectos (Tenerife, Spain), KPMB Architects (Toronto, ON), Massimiliano Fuksas (Rome, Italy), HLW International (New York, NY) and, in 1998, assisted on the Parthenon Restoration Project (Athens, Greece). He received his Masters of Architecture from the University of Waterloo where he received the RAIC Medal for this graduate thesis. He holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from Waterloo, and also studied architecture at Università Gabrielle D’Annunzio in Italy. Taymoore has been recognized as one of Canada’s emerging voices in Architecture, receiving 2 major national awards, the Prix de Rome and the Young Architect Award (awarded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the RAIC respectively), as well as leading numerous award-winning projects at AXIA. At both Graduate and Undergraduate levels, Taymoore has taught architecture and design at the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and at Ryerson University, where he currently serves as an Associate Professor at the Creative School.

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