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The Neuroscience of Learning

Discover the multifaceted career of Dr. Judy Willis, a distinguished neurologist, educator, and prolific author, as she seamlessly integrates neuroscience into education, empowering educators globally with her insights. From her groundbreaking research on learning in neuroscience to her transition into teaching and authorship, Dr. Willis exemplifies a lifelong dedication to bridging the gap between science and pedagogy. With a vision to enhance educational practices through technology and AI, she emphasizes the importance of passion and perseverance in pursuing one's professional endeavors. Driven by her belief in the transformative power of loving what you do, Dr. Willis inspires others to embrace their passions and strive for excellence in their chosen paths.

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Dr. Judy Willis

Dr. Judy Willis combined her 15 years as a board-certified practicing neurologist with ten subsequent years as a classroom teacher to become a leading authority in the neuroscience of learning. Dr. Willis has written seven books and more than 200 articles for professional journals applying neuroscience research to successful teaching strategies. She is on the adjunct faculty of Williams College. Dr. Willis travels nationally and internationally giving presentations, workshops, and consulting while continuing to write books. She has been selected by Edutopia as one of their “Big Thinkers on Education” and featured on their website as well as being a staff expert blogger for NBC News Education Nation, Edutopia, Psychology Today, and The Guardian.

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