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The Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey of an Athlete

Jessica Ogunnorin is a versatile and ambitious individual who has pursued various careers in different fields. With three degrees and working on her fourth, Jessica's passion for learning is evident. She has combined her Master's degree in computer information systems security with personal training at a gym and outside of it, as well as running her own clothing line. Her work as a part-time IT technician for a high school shows her dedication to technology and its potential for growth and security in income.

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Jessica Ogunnorin

Jessica Ogunnorin was born and raised in Greece by her Nigerian mother. She came to the United States on a full scholarship at the age of 18 to pursue higher education and play basketball at the Division I level. She speaks 4 languages and is a holder of four degrees: BA in Multidisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Spanish, French, and Political Science, MA in Public Policy Analysis, an MS in Computer and Information Systems Security, and MA in Sport Leadership. While in college, she gained experiences as an Accountant’s Assistant, a Spanish and French Tutor, a Graduate Assistant in the Immigration and Visa International Office in Stony Brook University, and a Desktop Support Technician’s Graduate Assistant. After college, she continued her basketball career overseas playing professionally in Spain and Argentina from 2017-2019, and spent a year working as a Junior IT Technician in ACS Athens.

She is passionate about self-love, authenticity, wellness, and advocating for human rights and social injustice. In her effort to restore mental health and educate student-athletes, she has given the following speeches: “Setting Goals” at ACS Athens, “Sports Unite” for the Color of Sports Global Event at ACS Athens, and she was a panelist for the National College Players Association’s panel with the title “NCAA Sports in Flux: The Fate of College Athlete Pay, Health, and Safety.” at UCLA. Her last event, on July 16th of 2020, was a virtually held speech with the title “You are UnstoppABLE when you JUST ELEVATE!” for a Nigerian international bible study group. Through her brand and clothing line JUST ELEVATE Activewear, she strives to empower and educate the youth and minority groups on health, self-development, entrepreneurship, and the power of education. Another one of her goals is to build a two-phase mentorship program that will improve student-athlete performance during and after college.

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