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The Human Element in Legal, Strategy and Policy Application

Dr. Anastasios Kaburakis took his interest in both legal and sport and made his career. He describes the importance of working hard in this space, but the importance of experience. Listen to his insights about where this industry is headed.

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Dr. Anastasios Kaburakis

Anastasios Kaburakis holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, and a Law degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He held faculty appointments at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Indiana University Bloomington, and Washington University Law School in St. Louis.

He is currently an Associate Professor of Management and Sports Business in the John Cook School of Business, Saint Louis University. Prior to academia, he practiced law and is licensed through the Thessaloniki Bar Association.

While in Greece, he coached basketball at the junior and professional club levels, the national teams of Greece, and served the Greek Basketball Federation, FIBA, and several European educational institutions on legal and policy matters.

He has published articles and presented research on International Comparative Sports Law, NCAA Compliance, particularly pertaining to International Student-Athletes, recruiting, amateurism, gambling, coaches’ contracts, institutional liability, and intellectual property applications in sport. He regularly consults international sport governing bodies, NCAA Division I governance committees, policy-drafting actors in member conferences and coaches’ associations, member institutions’ compliance and coaching staff members on international recruiting, amateurism policy, and legal issues in intercollegiate athletics settings.

He serves as an advisor for various international sport consulting firms.

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