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Connecting People with Nature: Insights from Environmental Educator Georgina Spyres

Dr. Georgina Spyres is a remarkable professional driven by her deep-rooted connection with nature and an unwavering commitment to its preservation. Her transformative journey began as a child, captivated by the beauty of the natural world. Today, as the Head of Education and Research at the esteemed Attica Zoological Park, she channels her passion into environmental education, nurturing individuals' love for nature, fostering scientific understanding, and empowering communities to collaborate on innovative solutions for our planet's wellbeing. With an unshakable belief in the transformative power of education, Georgina inspires young professionals from all disciplines to join the global conversation on environmental sustainability, recognizing that every individual has the capacity to make a meaningful difference.

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Dr. Georgina Spyres

Georgina has been teaching environmental STEM since 2002 in formal and non-formal settings to various audiences ranging from pre-school children at the Attica Zoological Park to undergraduate students at the City University of New York. She is a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Committee on Education and Communication and the International Zoo Educators Association. Her love of nature began as a child and since then, she has been working tirelessly to connect others to the natural beauty of our wild planet and to inspire them to preserve it.

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