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Passionate About Flying High?

Sergio Varkitzis is an accomplished airline pilot with Aegean Airlines in Greece, specializing in Airbus A320 aircraft. His journey began with a degree in aviation management, which provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the industry before pursuing his pilot's license. Despite challenging economic conditions, Sergio seized opportunities to gain experience, working as a dispatcher and later as a pilot for Swift Air before joining Aegean Airlines. He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, adaptability to technological advancements, and the development of soft skills such as teamwork, decision-making, and resilience in the aviation profession.

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Interest for Q&A webinar by Sergio Vakirtzis

Sergio Vakirtzis

My name is Sergio Vakirtzis and I work as an Airline Pilot for Aegean Airlines, on the Airbus A320 family fleet. Ever since I can remember, I was fascinated by airplanes. Being a pilot was my childhood dream, and making that dream a reality took lots of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. All of that paid off to a wonderful job, where I enjoy seeing the world from above, work with different people every day, and not a single day at work is the same as another. Having satisfied passengers at the end of every flight adds a fantastic motivation that makes me love every day at work. I hope I can provide you with at least a small insight into my profession and the demands of being an Airline Pilot.

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