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An Unconventional Path: Physical Education to Media

Yanna Darilis, originally from New York City, embarked on a unique career journey from physical education to the media industry. With over 25 years of experience, she transitioned from being an on-camera talent to exploring various roles in media, including directing, producing, and writing. Yanna emphasizes the importance of passion, continuous learning, and finding your niche within the ever-evolving broadcast and film industry. Her dedication to promoting health and wellness through media platforms showcases her mission to inspire and create positive content.

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Yanna Darilis

Yanna Darilis has an extensive 25-year career in the broadcast industry on major American and Greek television channels, as an on-camera talent, producer, writer, and director. Yanna also specializes in exercise science and was trained under some of the founding fathers of Exercise Science at her Alma-Mater Queens College, C.U.N.Y. She is a published author with “Love your Body”, the first exercise book written for Greece. Yanna is also certified as an Integrative Nutritionist & Health Coach by the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, and the Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine, Plant-Based Nutrition. Yanna is currently a candidate for a Ph.D. in Original Medicine.

Highlights of Yanna’s career include Master of Ceremony for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, guest segment host on NBC’s “TODAY” show, and guest segment host on E Entertainment’s “Tara Reid’s Travel Adventures”. Yanna is currently the President & CEO of the 35 years old Greek -American Television Channel, New Greek Television. Yanna has directed and hosted over 80 travel documentaries-features on Greece.

Yanna shares her travel experience as a contributor to the huffingtonpost.com, and her fitness, health, and beauty articles on thriveglobal.com. Yanna organizes and moderates panels for the United Nations Staff Recreation Council, on Environmental, Health, and Wellness topics promoting world peace and wellness for the Salus Club.


  • B.S in Physical Education & Health, B.S in Film & Television,
  • IIN Nutrition and Health Coach, Certified IIN Hormone Health Expert
  • Ph.D. Candidate, Original Medicine, International Institute of Medicine
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