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Author | Sara Hamdan

An Inspiring Writer’s Journey from Investment Banking

Sarah Hamdan, an accomplished editor, writer, and moderator, discusses her transformation from an investment banker to a successful writer. As an ACS Athens alumna, Sarah emphasizes the significance of having a growth mindset and being open to various opportunities. Her passion for writing eventually led her to a flourishing career as a journalist, including writing for The New York Times. With a focus on storytelling and adapting to the ever-changing digital media landscape, Sarah encourages aspiring writers to embrace new skills and formats while staying true to their unique perspectives. Her story serves as a testament to the power of preparation and following one's true passion.

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Sara Hamdan

Sara is an award-winner writer, editor, and moderator. A former New York Times journalist, she is currently contracted by Google to serve as editor-in-chief of Think with Google MENA. She is also the founder of the hotel review site www.holidaysinheels.com (@holidaysinheels) that combines her passion for online content and travel. Sara is a Berkeley and Columbia graduate and a die-hard bookworm working on her own debut novel. She currently resides in Dubai with her Instagram husband, who patiently takes all her social media photos and her two very active kids.

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