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Insights from a Venture Capitalist

Dimitris Maroulis, Co-founder and General Partner of Genesis Ventures, offers insights into the dynamic landscape of technology investments and the transformative potential of emerging technologies like AI, quantum computing, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, and blockchain. His 18-year career, spanning multiple continents and industries, reflects a commitment to continuous learning, financial acumen, and a passion for creating impact. Maroulis emphasizes the importance of soft skills, including critical thinking and adaptability, in navigating the ever-evolving technological landscape. His call to embrace change and explore new environments underscores the necessity of staying ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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Dimitris Maroulis

Dimitris Maroulis is an engineer, turned business strategist, turned early-stage startup investor. He has close to 20 years of experience across investments, operations, enterprise sales, and strategy, and has lived and worked in more than 10 countries and 4 continents (Asia, Europe, North America, Australia).
He started his career in engineering, working for a renewable energy startup company in the US, and then transitioned to operational roles in the energy & construction industry in Asia Pacific (China, South Korea, Singapore). After pursuing his MBA from INSEAD (Singapore and France) in 2012, he worked as a business and operations strategist, first for BP, and then for McKinsey, serving large industrial clients in Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia. He continued his career as a sales director in enterprise software companies such as Oracle and UiPath, and in 2018 joined the newly established pre-seed venture capital (VC) Antler to lead their accelerator program. As part of Antler’s SEA Fund I, Dimitris built and/or invested in more than 80 startups across robotics, enterprise software, fintech, proptech, consumer, healthcare, and retail, together with international VCs such as Sequoia, Y Combinator, Founders Fund, Plug&Play, Golden Gate Ventures and others.
Dimitris returned to his homeland and co-founded the first angel co-investment pre-seed VC in Athens, Greece at the end of 2021. As a General Partner at Genesis Ventures his job is to source, assess, invest, and support early stage technology startups at the proof-of-concept, pre-seed, and seed stages. Genesis invests across sectors and geographies but are actively pursuing deals with strong and visionary teams, leveraging advanced technologies such as AI, Web3, and AR/VR, and tackling big problems in large and growing markets of the real economy, such as health/bio-tech, education, and food/agri-tech.

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