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Humanity is Key to a Communications Director at IKEA

Ada Gianneskis, the Communication Director at Ikea for Greece, Cyprus, and Bulgaria, shares her insights on the dynamic nature of marketing and communication. With a background in science and a passion for humanities, she discovered her true calling in the field. Ada's continuous pursuit of knowledge and willingness to adapt led her to excel in various aspects of marketing, including advertising, PR, and corporate communication. She emphasizes the importance of being a lifelong learner, leveraging data and technology while embracing creativity and empathy as essential elements that set humans apart in the ever-evolving industry.

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Ada Gianneskis

Ms. Gianneskis is a marketing and communications executive with 20 years of experience and is currently the Communications Director of House Market SA (IKEA franchise for Greece, Cyprus, and Bulgaria), leading all commercial and corporate communications & marketing, interior design, and Food business. Additionally responsible within the management team, for digital transformation and expansion.

She has great marketing experience, having been both Advertising Manager and Marketing Manager of IKEA, and Brand Manager at Samsung and other electronic goods brands.

Ms. Gianneskis holds an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, with a specialization in sports marketing.

Additionally, she is a certified facilitator for Inter-IKEA (senior coach) and has facilitated a significant number of training workshops (for IKEA locally and internationally, but also the Fourlis Group, AUEB, etc.). Teaching and facilitating is something she is very passionate about.

She is also a member of the Corporate Responsibility Committee of the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

During off time, she loves sports, movies, cooking, and traveling.


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