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A Flourishing Children’s Author

Hilda Youssef, a passionate children's author, discovered her true calling later in life after a flourishing career in the hospitality industry. Drawing inspiration from her experiences and the people she encountered, Hilda embarked on a writing journey that led her to publish her book, "Snowy and Zoe in a New World," which became a bestseller on Amazon. With a valuable message for aspiring writers, she encourages individuals to start their creative endeavors today and not to shy away from sharing their stories with the world, emphasizing the multitude of publishing opportunities available in the digital age. Hilda's own journey showcases the power of belief in one's work and the courage to pursue dreams against all odds.

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Interest for Q&A webinar by Hilda Youssef

Hilda Youssef

Hilda is the author of the award-winning best-selling book Snowy and Zoey in a New World.
She wrote her first book in the lockdown of 2020 and it hit the bestseller list in the first 36 hours. It also won a Canada Book Award!
Hilda loves meeting people and talking about how books bring us closer. She believes any discussion can be made better if a book is involved.
She is also the mother of two beautiful children and the wife of a handsome husband.
Her second book is now in the editing stage and is coming soon.

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