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Engineering and Management Consultancy as a Career

Pierre Boueri, a renowned managing partner and consultant at Pierre Boueri and Partners, empowers students with his profound belief in the value of continuous learning. With a diverse educational background, including degrees from prestigious institutions like AUB and Leeds University, Pierre's expertise in engineering and project management lays the foundation for his impactful career. As a testament to his adaptability and passion, Pierre transitioned from a successful executive position in his family business to becoming a dedicated management consultant, specializing in the transformation of family businesses into thriving corporate entities. Pierre's unwavering advice to students emphasizes the significance of education, experience, and mentorship as essential components in shaping a successful and innovative professional journey.

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Pierre Boueri is the founder and managing partner of Pierre Boueri & Partners and is a family business consultant and advisor for SMEs mainly in the MEA Region. He is a certified management consultant (CMC) and is a member of several international institutes in which he holds multiple certifications related to consultancy, family business, and business excellence. He also is a mentor and coach for many family business shareholders and serves as a director on multiple boards in the MEA region.
He has more than 10 years of experience in the consultancy industry and overall, around 25 years of experience in executive management, and was the CEO of one of the leading companies in the water and construction industries with more than 40 years of experience in the MEA region. Al Miyah Holding Group (www.almiyah.com). He led its transformation and expansion from a family business to a corporate institution. Currently, he helps other similar companies grow to the next level in the corporate world.
On the other hand, Pierre Boueri founded and presided PASSA: Public Association for Sustainability Safety and Awareness, an Environmental NGO for sustainability awareness and development, active since 2013 in Lebanon and the MEA. www.passalb.org.
He holds a bachelor’s degree (B.E.) in mechanical engineering from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon, a master’s degree (MSc.) in environmental engineering and project management (EEPM) from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, an executive master’s in business administration (EMBA) from HEC Paris in France and certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation from Babson College in the United States. He is currently undergoing his doctorate in business administration (DBA) from the Business School of Lausanne (BSL) in Switzerland and is expected to complete it in 2026; the doctoral research being related to this core field of expertise: “Corporate Governance in Family Businesses SMEs in the MEA region”.

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