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An Entrepreneur for Special Needs Education

April Remfrey, an independent consultant for special needs and business owner based in Zurich, Switzerland, shares her story of constantly reinventing herself and setting high standards that have led to her success as an entrepreneur. With a solid background in special education and years of teaching experience across different countries, April has found her niche in international schools and special needs education. To assist families who move frequently, April has developed a cloud-based program that tracks students' progress and helps them find the best educational opportunities for their children with special needs. April's experience highlights the importance of adaptability, embracing challenges, and pursuing passions with an open mind. (Original Score by Aris Tombros)

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Interest for Q&A webinar by April Remfrey

April Remfrey

April J Remfrey, MS, is an educational consultant that focuses her time working with international schools and globally mobile families with neurodiverse children. She has created an ILP/RTI goal documentation cloud-based program for international schools called STEP and works with international schools to help improve their inclusive practices.

She has a BA in special education and elementary education from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, USA, and received a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA, in Exceptional Education. She has been a teacher for over 20 years in three countries and has experience in public, private, and international school environments.

April serves on the International and European boards of directors for SENIA: Special Education Network and Inclusion Association.

Since 2013, April, her husband, and daughter have lived in the Zurich, Switzerland area. Never one to sit still, April likes to hike in the stunning Swiss Alps, cook gourmet food, and play clarinet in the local concert band.

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