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Combining Adler with Athletics and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Monica Nicolls, a therapist, and skating coach describes how her career has developed and suggests a way for artificial intelligence to be used in counseling and psychotherapy in the future.

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Dr. Monica Nicolls

Monica A. Nicoll, Ph.D. received her M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology from the Adler University in Chicago and Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Research Methodology from Florida Atlantic University. Monica’s practice includes individuals (adult & adolescent), Marital/Couples, and Family Counseling She has been in counseling practice for 30+ years both in private practice and serving as Clinical Director of a hospital Outpatient Clinic. She is a court-certified Family Mediator and Parent Coordinator. Monica has also served as an adjunct professor of counseling at universities and provided training in counseling throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Monica combines her professional training in counseling and psychotherapy with her prior experience in the health, fitness, and athletics field. As a former competitive (Canada and W. Germany) and professional figure skater(Europe and S. America), skating coach, and fitness center director, Monica brings a holistic approach to her work emphasizing personal growth and total wellness orientation to fostering resilience and wellness in her clients’ personal, marital and family lives. She has published two children’s books, “Key to Calm ” and “Key to Chivalry ” that help develop children’s social-emotional competence.

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