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A Creative Artist

Farida El Gazzar, a talented artist of Greek Egyptian descent, shares her remarkable artistic trajectory and the diverse avenues available to aspiring artists. Graduating from ACS Athens, she honed her skills in various art clubs and pursued a three-year undergraduate program at Vakalo School of Art and Design before venturing to Kingston University for her bachelor's degree. Farida's passion for painting and collaboration led her to specialize in illustration while also exploring other departments in the arts. Her artistic versatility allowed her to work with esteemed organizations like the Greek Ministry of Environment, London National Theater, and editorial magazines, showcasing the boundless opportunities in the ever-evolving world of art. With a global perspective and a focus on personal passion, Farida encourages artists to embrace their skills, continually grow, and seize the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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Farida El Gazzar

Farida El Gazzar was born in 1975 in Alexandria, Egypt. She is a Greek-Egyptian artist based in Athens. She is an ACS alumna and is currently teaching part-time Art at ACS. From 2003 to 2007, she was co-founder of the creative team WARDA. She has worked with publication houses and designers for several art projects and illustrations. Some of her clients were Υ.Π.Ε.Χ.Ω.Δ.Ε, (the Greek ministry Of Environment) ΑΘΗΝΑ 2004 (the Olympic Games Organization), Cornell University Press, The London National Theater, Kathimerini and Lambrakis Publications, amongst others. Her ongoing relationship with the Middle East is a result of her early years in Alexandria and Kuwait and was realized more recently through her residencies and research in Cairo and Manama. She has exhibited her work in Greece, Europe, the USA, and the MENAM region. She collaborates with Kalfayan Gallery in Athens.

The Royal College of Art, London. Masters of Arts
Kingston University, London, Bachelors of Arts
Vakalo School of Art and Design, Athens.
1985-1993 (5th Grade – 12th Grade)
American Community Schools, Athens

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