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An Inside Look Into Mental Health Counseling

In this video, Dr. William Nicoll, a well-known mental health expert with almost 50 years of experience, shares his thoughts on his varied career in counseling and academia. Throughout his career, Dr. Nicoll has worked in a range of settings, including public schools, private practice, and as a professor and department head. His experiences have shaped his journey and his dedication to continuous learning. Dr. Nicoll discusses the changing approaches to mental health treatment, highlighting the move towards a social developmental model and the significance of early intervention and prevention. Additionally, he predicts that mental health services will become more integrated into schools and workplaces, creating healthier social environments that prioritize proactive support and well-being.

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William G. Nicoll

William G. Nicoll, Ph.D. received his M.Ed. in Counseling from Boston University and a Ph.D. in Counseling from the University of Arizona. He has 50 years of experience in both the mental health and education fields. His experience includes serving for 30+ years as a professor of counseling and department chair in graduate counseling programs. Bill’s professional experience includes serving as a special education teacher (behavior disorders), school counselor (public and international schools), and mental health counselor/therapist working in an agency, private practice, and correctional settings.

Bill is a world-renowned speaker, trainer, and consultant on resilience-based strategies for working with children, families, schools, and clinical mental health issues. For many years, he served as the national trainer in Brief Counseling/Therapy for the American Counseling Association’s National Professional Development program. He has been a consultant for the U.S. Department of State Office of Overseas School and for several international school organizations. Bill has also provided consulting and professional training services throughout N. America, South & Central America, Africa, Europe, and Asia for international schools, university programs, and mental health organizations.

Bill has published two books as well as publishing extensively in professional books and journals on issues pertaining to family counseling, resilience development, and social-emotional learning; Bill is recognized as one of the seminal authors on school-based family counseling. He has served on the editorial boards for several national and international professional journals and held numerous professional leadership positions at the state, national and international levels.

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