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An Entrepreneurial Mindset is One That Explores Opportunities!

Yvette began her career exploration thinking that law and medicine was her career path, but life brought her different opportunities to become a model, a basketball player, and Tina Turner's mimic. Yvette Jarvis' key to success is to explore opportunities and gain experience by following your heart. (Original Score by Aris Tombros.)

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Yvette Jarvis

Yvette landed in Athens and hit the ground running. 1st stop Panathanaikos athletic club.
Yvette was not only the 1st Black American to play in the Greek league she was also the 1st salaried female athlete. She simultaneously took the fashion world by storm with her NY style and swagger and her trademark backward walk.
Next stop Greek TV. Her signature television ad slogan left an indelible mark on the nation’s psyche. “Opos Ameriki” remains a marketing classic for the ages.
Yvette immersed herself into Greece’s nascient civil soceity with a strong sense of social justice. She developed a platform for social awareness including women’s rights, immigrant’s rights and the rights of people with disabilities.
In 2002, Yvette was elected to the Athens City Council. She is the only Black American to hold political office in Greece until today.
Yvette, her husband John Muller and son JJ currently reside in the U.S. where she continues to impact the lives of others with her work in education.

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