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An Engineer Unleashing Design Innovation

Stephan Clambaneva, a partner at Park and a multifaceted systems thinking designer, engineer, and inventor, draws upon his extensive experience collaborating with diverse global companies including IBM. From an early age, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a love for constructing things from scratch, he developed a fervent passion for tackling wicked problems. Stephan's inspiration stems from IDEO's groundbreaking approach to product development, which ignited his path toward a career centered around engineering, innovation, and design. Throughout his journey, he has realized the paramount significance of nurturing a hybrid mindset that harmoniously integrates technical expertise with creative thinking. Furthermore, Stephan emphasizes the indispensable need to embrace emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, in order to confront the intricate challenges that lie ahead.

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Stephan Clambaneva

Stephan Clambaneva is a product design & innovation leader with comprehensive global experience in areas of digital transformation, digital design, and innovation management, and holistic closed-looped systems thinking for end-to-end product development. He is well versed in providing cross-functional leadership and overseeing associated functions, including strategic planning and partnerships, experience design, product lifecycle management, large-scale project management, new business development, global marketing, team building, engineering, manufacturing operations, and stakeholder engagement.

A thinker and a doer, Stephan has 20 years of experience working for tech giant IBM and global enterprise software leader Dassault Systemes leading product design and innovation projects for clients around the world. He is currently a partner at PARK, a global design leadership consultancy. In addition, he is a strong communicator experienced in directing large teams and managing relationships with diverse clients, colleagues, and international stakeholders at all levels. He has also been accountable for securing and retaining high-level clients and Fortune 500 companies in numerous sectors, spearheading design and innovation services across multiple channels, and executing global product development, research, and marketing strategies to facilitate sustainable business growth in highly competitive markets. Further, Stephan is a multifaceted professional capable of leveraging extensive industry experience and executive management skills to drive the continued achievement of organizational objectives following the triple bottom line. He is known as a versatile contributor with experience in all product design and innovation management functions, has exceptional communication and leadership skills, and has a continued commitment to implementing industry best practices fueled by an emphasis on sustainability.

Besides being a global design and utility patent holder, Stephan has an active keynote and public speaking schedule around the world at conferences, most recently at the World Design Organization (WDO) Conference, 2021 Athens EcoFest, 2021 Boston Design Week, The IDSA Sustainability Deep Dive 20,21&22, Great Wave Athens Hub, the Sustainability Forum, Milan Salone, Boston Design Week, New York Fashion Week, Denver Design Week, SxSW, New York Design Week NYCxDesign Festival every year, DMI Design Leadership Conference, IDC, and the Innovation Summit, and many others evangelizing on the strategic value of circular design principles, industrial design, and innovation. He has published multiple papers on Creative Business Leadership, Augmented Reality, Mobility, Design Thinking, Innovation, Product Lifecycle Mgmt., ID, Eco-Design, Environmental Management Systems, and Sustainability, and, more recently, Design for Humanity.

He has guest lectured at several universities and institutions on the topics of design leadership and sustainability, most recently as part of the InnoMed -UP initiative for the National Technical University of Athens, SkillNet Ireland, and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Stephan has been an elected IDSA Leader since 2010 as a Member of the Board & Sections Director, Vice President for the Northeast District, and Chair of IDSA for New York City. He was invited for a residency at the House of Beautiful Business. He was just nominated to join the Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program in Oxford. He serves on the advisory board of numerous startups and the executive committee for New York Design Week – NYCxDesign representing IDSA and is a permanent startup mentor of numerous global accelerators, including the German Accelerator, GreekTech, and Orange Grove.
He maintains residency in New York and Athens with his wife and son.

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