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Emmy Award Winning TV Journalist Shares His Tale

Despite initially aspiring to be a professional football player, Tom Mustin's passion for creativity and writing led him to explore the realms of advertising and acting. Ultimately, his love for the adrenaline rush, deadlines, and studio environment led him to pursue a career in journalism, where he made significant strides in various news stations across the country. Tom's dedication, empathy, and commitment to delivering unbiased news have been instrumental in shaping his successful path in the field of television journalism.

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Tom Mustin

Tom Mustin is an Emmy award-winning television journalist, and proud ACS alumnus. In his more than 20 years as a broadcast journalist, Tom has covered some of the biggest stories in the U.S. -from historic floods to the Aurora Theatre Shooting. His live coverage for CBS from the Democratic National Convention highlighted his team’s Emmy award-winning entry for “Best Newscast.” In all his work, Tom strives for compassion, fairness, and empathy. Tom and his wife Carolyn have three children and a Silky Terrier named Rocky and are proud to call Colorado home.

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