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A Student with a Passion for Reptiles

Melina Operrer, an ACS Athens graduate and current Biology student, explains how her passion for reptiles, and more specifically for snakes, has led her to develop a very creative and successful project.

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Interest for Q&A webinar by Melina Operrer

Melina Opperer

Melina Opperer was born in Innsbruck, Austria but thanks to her father’s occupation, grew up in different countries including Samoa and Jamaica. The opportunity she had to grow up in different cultures during my formative years has certainly influenced the person I have become. When she started 8th grade she moved to Greece and resumed her education at ACS Athens. She always had a keen interest in Biology and wanted to study Veterinary Medicine. That dream changed during the period she was writing her Extended Essay when she decided that Behavioral Biology was a better fit for her. Thus, when she graduated in 2020, Melina moved back to Innsbruck where she enrolled in the Leopold – Franzens Universität. She is now in her second year studying biology with plans to complete a Masters’s in Behavioral Biology in Vienna.

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