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Studying Psychology to Being a Judge

Stephanie Joannides shares her inspiring journey from studying psychology to becoming a respected lawyer and eventually a judge, despite her initial discomfort with public speaking. Motivated by her passion for helping others and addressing the need for better representation in the judiciary system, she actively worked towards diversifying the field through programs like Alaska's Color of Justice. Stephanie's vision for a more inclusive and collaborative world fuels her dedication to promoting access, support, and diversity in the legal profession, fostering creative solutions and positive change in communities worldwide.

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Stephanie Joannides

Stephanie Joannides is a retired lawyer and judge. As a mediator, she sees herself as a problem solver. Stephanie was a student at ACS Athens for 5 years and made lifelong friends there. Her experiences, as part of a diverse group of students, helped shaped her views and actions. She discovered that the path we ultimately choose might be unexpected but that all of us have hidden strengths. Because of this, she believes it is important to help others see the possibilities.

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