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A Life Coach’s Transformative Journey

Dr. Alkistis Agio, a successful life coach and consultant, shares her inspiring story of overcoming challenges and following her passion for psychology and communication. After a bold decision to leave a banking career, she embarked on a transformative journey that led her to discover her true calling in teaching and psychology. Through leveraging technology, she has embraced AI and YouTube to reach millions and now focuses on her latest project, the AI application "Ally, your Lifelong Ally." Driven by determination and self-belief, she encourages others to pursue their dreams and use technology to amplify their impact.

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Alkistis Agio

Dr. Alkistis Agio is an inspirational Speaker (TEDx), Corporate Wellbeing Expert, Author of ‘FEAR TO FREEDOM’ ‘Best Seller’ (AMAZON)​. She is of Greek origin, she grew up in Montreal and has worked in Italy, France, Germany, Greece, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Alkistis first studied International Banking at the Chartered Institute of Bankers in London. She worked in corporate finance (Barclays) for a time and later transitioned to her second career, by earning a Master’s in Integrative Psychotherapy from Middlesex University and a Doctor of Philosophy (Transpersonal Counseling). ​She has over 20 years experience as a speaker/trainer at many corporate and social events and has produced webTV shows, books, seminars and guided meditation films, bringing relief, wellness, empowerment and inspiration to over 1.5 million people all over the world. She has also coached and trained thousands of clients in person and via online courses, to transition from anxiety and anger to calm, confident self-leadership, embracing the Socratic view that “in order to lead others, we must first lead ourselves”. Dr. Agio has served as host, expert and/or guest in a number of major television shows in Greece and was known as “The Positive Energy Coach”; she has featured as speaker on several networks, such as CBS, The Sunday Times, Washington Post, CNN, FOX, ALJAZEERA and NBC. ​In 2020, she gave a TEDx Talk on “Self-Leadership: The 3 Golden Principles of Greek Philosophy”.

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