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A Computer Scientist Shaping the Metaverse Future

Costantino Roselli, a luminary in the Metaverse realm, unfolds his remarkable trajectory from a software engineer to a pioneering figure in virtual fashion. With a multifaceted education spanning computer science, digital marketing, and futurism, Roselli's vision is rooted in making the world a better place. Transitioning from corporate confines, he founded Netizens, a creative studio embodying principles of sustainability and inclusivity, propelling avatars to the forefront in the emerging avatar's economy. As a futurist, he advocates for students to embrace technology, artistic expression, vulnerability, and curiosity to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the Metaverse.

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Costantino Roselli

Costantino Roselli is Greek-Italian raised in Greece, studied in UK, worked in Switzerland and Italy, and lived in Brussels. He is the founder & CEO of NTZNS, Bestselling Author, Futurist, Speaker and Top Brand Storyteller. With a strong background in Technology & Marketing, he is an Advisory Board member at Metaverse Fashion Council and at System256, and member of the Metaverse Standards Forum. His book ‘Million Dollar Chest’ became a best seller in 2 weeks and was nominated for the fastest new entry in fiction stories on personal growth.
In 2021, LinkedIn ranked him among the top 1% marketing professionals. Recognized as one out of 50 thought leaders in Metaverse and Web3 for 2023.

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