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Vicki Klimou

Vicki Klimou is a Greek-Canadian who was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There, she completed her BA from Simon Fraser University with a concentration in both Psychology and French Literature and Linguistics. She obtained her TESOL Diploma and is a certified ESL teacher. More recently, she studied at Moreland University and completed her teacher certification program and is in the process of obtaining her US teaching license. Furthermore, Vicki is a Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator, as well as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and, most recently, she was accepted as a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate.

Prior to coming to Greece, Vicki Klimou’s teaching career began in Canada at a Montessori institution, teaching the French language at Early Childhood levels. Before moving to Greece and worked at private language schools teaching both ESL as well as Kindergarten. She has been an educator at ACS Athens since 2008. An extensive and varied teaching experience, she has taught French in the Middle School, Junior Kindergarten, First Grade, and is now teaching Second Grade for her sixth year! She implements Positive Discipline in her classroom. Vicki is also passionate about Growth Mindset, where her students understand and learn that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching, and persistence. She believes education should empower a child to make a positive contribution to the world and create conscious citizens.

Considering herself a lifelong learner, constantly looking for new knowledge and challenges, keeping abreast of new research and in the socio-emotional realm, she also attends and participates in many conferences. Vicki will travel to ACS in Doha, Qatar this November as she was selected to present at the 2023 ECIS Early Childhood Conference. The theme of the conference is “Rise Up, Elevating and Empowering the Joy of Early Childhood Learning” and her workshop is titled “Class Meetings the Positive Discipline Way”.
Vicki is married with two sons, ages 7 and 9, and has felt and seen such a positive change in her life by implementing the Positive Discipline philosophy and model within her own family.

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