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Vasiliki Stefanou

Vasiliki Stefanou was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The American College of Greece in 2001 and a Master’s of Science in Counseling Studies from Hull University in 2002. She is a qualified TESOL teacher and has had training in Further Education Teaching. Right after her postgraduate studies, she worked as a tutor in counseling at the life-long learning center of Hull University developing and teaching introductory counseling courses to university students and adults. She also worked as a counseling trainer at the counseling service of the university, delivering a peer-support training program from Cambridge University. She went on into student advising and learning support roles at different colleges in London and also worked as an applied behavioral tutor.

Since then, she has taken on various teaching and student support roles in international schools in Denmark, Austria, and Greece working with students in all grade levels. Among these, she has been a full-time substitute teacher at Copenhagen International School, an English language development specialist and kindergarten assistant at Danube International School in Vienna, and an English language teacher at private and vocational education institutions in Greece. She has also served at ACS Athens as a shadow teacher at the Elementary school and, an after-school program instructor, and an Academy Advisory Specialist for grades 11th & 12th.
Ms. Stefanou is an advocate and practitioner of holistic learning and is passionate about supporting the students’ emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs towards the goal of reaching their full potential.

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